Digitalisation of Municipal Youth Work in Finland 2019

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Digitalisation of Municipal of Youth Work in 2019 is the fourth report compiled by Verke – the National Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work in Finland – on the digitalisation of municipal youth work, and digital youth work. The previous reports were published in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

The report explores the digitalisation of municipal youth work from the perspective of five themes: 1) attitudes towards digitalisation, 2) use of digitalisation, 3) digital competences, 4) operating culture, and 5) development of the digitalisation of youth work. The report also examines how the digitalisation of municipal youth work has changed in recent years.

The information in the report is based on a survey conducted in March of 2019 in Finnish and Swedish. The target group of the survey comprised all Finnish municipal youth workers and youth work managers, who were asked to answer an online questionnaire between 12 and 26 March 2019. A total of 1,250 respondents answered the survey, of whom 1,001 (80%) were youth workers and 249 (20%) were managers. The respondents represented 267 of Finland’s 311 municipalities. The response rate was approximately 40%.

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