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Salomonkatu 17 A, 3th floor
00100 Helsinki

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PL 10401
00099 Helsingin kaupunki

  • Juha Kiviniemi

    Planning officer

    tel. +35840 1835 264 tel. +35840 1835 264

    Juha works among other things on Verke’s international activities and Maker culture. At work, he especially enjoys hosting training sessions and swimming in international waters. Additionally, he has a soft spot for youth participation. On his free time, he is relaxed by photography, leatherworking and heavy music.

  • Heikki Lauha

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 3361 856 tel. +358 40 3361 856

    Heikki is among other things responsible for research- and publication-related activities. He is especially interested in digitalisation as a societal phenomenon and strategic development of digital youth work. On his free time, Heikki tries to distance himself from work, technology and city crowds.

  • Marcus Lundqvist

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1597 505 tel. +358 40 1597 505

    Marcus’ expertise includes social media platforms and the technological side of digital youth work. Additionally, he is easily excited about all sorts of new and amazing things. You can contact Marcus with things related to training activities.

  • Matilda Maunula

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1626 031 tel. +358 40 1626 031

    Matilda is responsible for Verke’s Social Media channels and website. On her free time, Matilda does horseback riding and immerses herself in the world of Youtube and Tiktok.

  • Pasi Tuominen

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 3347 211 tel. +358 40 3347 211

    Pasi is responsible for Verke’s activities concerning digital games. As an enthusiastic gamer, Pasi tries to keep on top of gaming culture at all times. His mind gets all warm and fuzzy with also sci-fi, hi-fi and chilli.

  • Denice Lönnroth

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 50 5623 611 tel. +358 50 5623 611

    (Denice is on family leave. She will return in summer 2022)
    Denice coordinates Verke’s co-operation with schools and our Swedish-speaking activities. On her free time, Denice runs, does yoga and enjoys beautiful things.

  • Jedi

    Higher being

    Jedi, as a higher being, takes care of both the staff and any miscellaneous tasks. This lady has a cosy, social and amicable personality. On her free time Jedi enjoys spending time outside and outdoor offerings such as vole roast, bunny drops and mud baths. Jedi can be reached at .