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The Culture and Leisure Division

Po Box 514

00099 City of Helsinki, Finland

  • Minna Ilva

    Executive director

    tel. +358 41 512 1703 tel. +358 41 512 1703

    Minna is responsible for planning, monitoring and reporting on Verke’s activities, as well as our partnerships. In Digital youth work she is especially fascinated by its inherent creativity and opportunities for self-expression. Outside of work, Minna can be seen jogging around Taivallahti or sampling the city’s cultural offerings. In the winter she might be on the slopes, and in the summer at a cabin.

  • Marcus Lundqvist

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1597 505 tel. +358 40 1597 505

    Marcus’ expertise includes social media platforms and the technological side of digital youth work. Additionally, he is easily excited about all sorts of new and amazing things. You can contact Marcus with things related to training activities.

  • Denice Lönnroth

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 50 5623 611 tel. +358 50 5623 611

    Denice coordinates Verke’s co-operation with schools and our Swedish-speaking activities. On her free time, Denice runs, does yoga and enjoys beautiful things.

  • Iita-Mari Ruponen

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1491 535 tel. +358 40 1491 535

    Iita-Mari is responsible, among other things, for Verke’s training activities. Her interests are varied from knitting all the way to artificial intelligence and algorithms. Outside of work Iita-Mari enjoys digital games, series, gymnastic exercises and learning new things.

  • Panu Räsänen

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1835 264 tel. +358 40 1835 264

    Panu works on everything in digital youth work that relates to culture; from digital games to media production and from recording to arts and crafts. Outside of work on digitalisation Panu enjoys analogue music and printed comics.

  • Matilda Maunula

    Planning officer

    tel. +358 40 1626 031 tel. +358 40 1626 031

    Matilda is responsible for Verke’s Social Media channels and website. On her free time, Matilda does horseback riding and enjoys reading.