Maker activities in youth work (Out of print, pdf only)

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What is the significance of the maker movement for youth work? What do maker culture and youth work have in common? What is the added value of maker activities for established youth work practice? How does one get started?

The articles in this publication seek to explore the possibilities of maker activities in youth work from the viewpoints of digitalisation of society, maker culture as well as practical youth work activities. It is intended for anyone interested in digital youth work and maker activities. We hope that it will aid readers in understanding the phenomena behind practical maker activities while giving new viewpoints and tips for youth work practice. Most of all we aim to inspire readers to explore the possibilities of maker activities in daily youth work.

Publisher: Verke
Editor: Juha Kiviniemi
ISBN: 978-951-9245-47-8 (Print)
ISBN: 978-951-9245-48-5 (pdf)
Pages: 120
Year published: 2019

Green book cover with tool symbols and the title "Maker activities in youth work"
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