Information and recommendations for Esports activities in municipal youth work

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Esports is a global phenomenon. It has also become one of the most popular leisure time activities among young people. The phenomenon is also active here in Finland, and it has contributed in shaping the youth culture of Finland in the 2000s. As a significant phenomenon of youth culture, esports should be interesting to parties involved with youth work.

Esports is a relatively new sport and hobby, and its definition is still slightly vague. In the context of youth work, esports as a tool and a form of an activity is a new way of doing things that are already familiar from more traditional forms and methods of youth work.

In this information package, Kanuuna and Verke hope to open the concept of esports and its significance in municipal youth work. Interviews with youth work professionals from various organisations involved with esports have been conducted for this publication. A big thank you to them!

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