Digital Youth Work Self-Assessment

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This self-assessment is meant to help you reflect your views and attitudes towards digital youth work. It comprises of seven sections, where you are asked to reflect on different statements and evaluate your digital skills both from a personal and professional point of view. The questions hereafter are not meant to be a test of your actual skill level, but rather be a helpful tool in reflecting on your attitudes and give you pointers to develop your skillset.

The best way to approach this self-evaluation is to think about every section by yourself from a personal and professional perspective. Finally, you can focus on the broader context of your work community.

We created this form as an online questionnaire where the replies were sent automatically back to the person filling out the form. It is advisable to adapt the questions to suit your youth work context and implement them either on paper or using an online platform, whichever is more practical.

This training material has been developed as part of the ‘Digital Youth Work’ project, a strategic partnership between 7 organisations across Europe, to build the capacity of the youth work sector to deliver high quality youth work in a digital age. They are based on training needs for practitioners identified by the EU expert group on digitalisation and youth’s 2018 report.

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Digital youth work self-assessment (pdf)
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