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  • MidJourneylla tuotettu maisemakuva

    What is AI-generated art?

    Panu Räsänen | 13. September 2022

    What is AI-generated art, and what are the implications and potential uses in the youth field? Hop along to explore the phenomena with us.

  • Tummanpuhuva kuva tietokoneen ruudusta jossa tietokonepeli auki.

    Youth workers create a better gaming culture through gaming education

    Sonja Ahtiainen Riikka Lehtinen | 11. January 2021

    The Non-toxic – non-discriminating gaming culture project published a report in November 2020 on the game education competence of guardians and youth work...

  • Setting up camp online – SomeCamp 2020

    Pasi Tuominen | 11. December 2020

    SomeCamp 2020 focused on Methodological development of Digital youth work. It was also the first online Somecamp event. How did we make it happen?

  • Kaksi kuvakaappausta TikTokista.

    “You can find fun videos there, and it’s never boring” – What draws young people to TikTok, and does youth work have a place there?

    Miro Ruismäki | 08. December 2020

    Why do young people use TikTok? What is it that draws young people in and is there a space for youth work as well?

  • Kaksi nuorta makaa puistonpenkillä ristikkäin puhelimet kädessä.

    What the bot? – Chatbots in youth work

    04. December 2020

    The discussion held in the What The Bot? online panel focused on the opportunities and challenges related to chatbots from the point of view of digital youth...

  • Henkilö pitää punaista Playsation ohjainta kädessään.

    Meaningful youth work through gaming!

    Teemu Kallio | 09. November 2020

    Digital gaming is in many ways a meaningfful activity for young people. Is there justification for it to be part of youth work?

  • Social criticism in online discussions from the perspective of marginalisation

    Eliisa Vainikka | 14. October 2020

    Anonymous online forums enable experimentation with identity and breaking boundaries. There one can also express critical observations on society.

  • Kuva Minecraft-peliympäristöstä.

    Scouting in the world of Minecraft games

    Erkko Mäkioja | 17. June 2020

    Bitti is a Minecraft server supported by The Guides and Scouts of Finland. The server was set up to develop virtual leisure activities.

  • Kuva tietokoneen näytöstä, jossa avattuna YouTube-sivu.

    YouTube is shaping culture

    Pasi Tuominen | 29. May 2020

    300 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. What is the cultural significance of YouTube?