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  • Heidi Sipilä

    Heidi Sipilä

    The author is a business economy student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and a volunteer for the Finnish No Hate Speech Movement coordinated by Plan International Finland and for the New Children’s Hospital 2017 project.

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  • Sanna Spišák

    Sanna Spišák

    Sanna Spišák PhD works as a post-doctoral researcher in Media studies at the University of Turku in the Intimacy in Data-Driven Culture (IDA) research consortium financed by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) of the Academy of Finland. She is a heavy user of popular culture, consuming fantasy, thrillers, vlogs about cultural criticism and the new coming of television in the form of streaming services, all the while with her knitting needles in her hands. Spišák also reads crime novels, sci-fi and gardening literature. She waved goodbye to Facebook for good in 2016, but is empowered by the gardening and arts and crafts communities on Instagram. Spišák’s doctoral thesis ”Porn and Norms – Pornography and normative notions of gender, love, sex, and relationships in the sexual narratives of Finns on their adolescent experiences” is available for reading in the University of Turku digital archive.

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  • Maarit Suhonen

    Maarit Suhonen

    I am a social psychologist focusing on hate speech and extremist thinking. I work as a project planner in the RadicalWeb project run by Save the Children.

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  • Suvi Tuominen

    Suvi Tuominen

    Suvi is in charge of administrative matters and supervisory work at Verke. Suvi is especially interested in examining the impact of digital youth work and the possibilities of technology education in youth work. In her free time, she enjoys consuming a wide variety of media and stroking her cats.

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  • Pasi Tuominen

    Pasi Tuominen

    Pasi is in charge of Verke’s activities in the world of digital games and culture. Pasi is interested in all things digital and technological culture and arts. As an avid gamer he is especially interested in gaming culture. He also has a soft spot for barbequing, chillies, hi-fi and sci-fi.

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