Woan smiling and lookin something in a cafe table.
  • Sonja Ahtiainen

    Sonja Ahtiainen

    We know Sonja Ahtiainen as a digital youth work professional in both the municipal and association arena. She is passionate about social media and e-sports. Sonja is not the sharpest shooter on the server, but she is a reliable background presence. In her free time, she likes to sweat it out at the gym and devour crime novels.

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  • Jarno Alastalo

    Jarno Alastalo

    I am a social introvert, cat video connoisseur, community builder and storyteller. I edit videos and host the SomeCast podcast at Verke.

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  • Laura Halenius

    Laura Halenius

    I am the senior lead in charge of social marketing and public relations in the IHAN® – Human-Driven Data Economy project at Sitra. My tasks include increasing understanding on why the new data economy paradigm must be built on a human-driven foundation.

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