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  • Meri-Tuulia Kaarakainen

    Meri-Tuulia Kaarakainen

    I am a doctor of social sciences at the University of Turku. Alongside my primary work concerned with research digitalisation and support thereof, I study digital marginalisation and in particular the digital skills of young people and their use of digital devices.

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  • Teemu Kallio

    Teemu Kallio

    I am a youth worker at Pirkkala church, but a more apt and descriptive title could be interaction enabler. I work with confirmation classes and the related youth work. I am very interested in playing and gaming, which is also evident in my work.

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  • Maja Katinić Vidović

    Maja Katinić Vidović

    The author is an Erasmus+ trainer and expert in electronic learning platforms. She is involved in many international projects as an education and learning expert. She spends her time combining learning and IT, reading old-school books, exercising and watching Netflix.

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  • Essi Kaukko

    Essi Kaukko

    Copywriter Essi is a newcomer to TikTok. She posts on the account together with Laura Huhta.
    TikTok: Mylenuokkari

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