Woan smiling and lookin something in a cafe table.
  • Eliisa Vainikka

    Eliisa Vainikka

    The author works as a post doc researcher in the Flows of Power / Vallan virrat project at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University. Previously, she studied media usage among young adults and reading habits, as well as social media.

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  • Taru Virolainen

    Taru Virolainen

    I currently work as a youth worker at the City of Valkeakoski Youth Services. Technology has always interested me in one way or another, and before embarking on my current career path I wanted to become an engineer. However, I decided quite early on that I would rather work with people than machines. My interest in all things digital stuck, however, and my master’s level studies in community pedagogy ignited the spark to take a new approach to digital youth work. In my spare time I like to sing in a choir and bird watch. The theatre is also close to my heart.

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