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  • Sanna Lappalainen

    Sanna Lappalainen

    Sanna (MA in education, study advisor) worked as a project manager in the ‘Youth with special needs and supporting participation in multidisciplinary environments in digital era’ project (#ERNOD). The ERNOD project promoted equality among young people by developing digital learning practices and media education methods, improving information availability and training the operators working with young people. Further information on the project: Sanna is a fan of libraries and has made mixing formal, informal and non-formal learning in libraries her mission.

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  • Heikki Lauha

    Heikki Lauha

    I am in charge of research and publishing as well as strategic development at Verke. In practice, my work includes producing Verke surveys and publications, as well as supporting youth work organisations in drafting digital strategies and initiating new development projects.

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  • Annukka Lehtikangas

    Annukka Lehtikangas

    Annukka is a sociologist with a degree from University of Helsinki. She has worked as a trainee at Verke, where she mapped a study on online culture and behaviour among young people and drafted a report on the mapping. Annukka is inspired by the overlapping of online culture and friendships among young people and continued eploring the theme in her master’s thesis.

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  • Riikka Lehtinen

    Riikka Lehtinen

    Riikka Lehtinen is an equality work and education professional. She can often be found with role playing dice, a gamer mouse and controller, or a crochet hook in her hand. Riikka is a strategic player, who enjoys both damage and support roles. Pandemic permitting, she spends her free time at live gigs and record stores.

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  • Minna Lehtinen

    Minna Lehtinen

    Posts way too many cat videos on social media. Phone filled with screenshots of things that spark joy. Wakes up to any day with a smile on her face when the wellbeing of young people and good times are on the agenda.

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  • Noora Lehtonen

    Noora Lehtonen

    I am a master’s degree student of cognitional science and I completed my bachelor’s thesis in psychology (B.Sc) in Vienna. I work as a research assistant in the Moralities of Intelligent Machines research project and I am interested in the human approach to digitalisation. I focused on studying friendship in my master’s thesis. I spent spring 2019 at Verke analysing the results of municipal surveys.

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  • Juha Leinonen

    Juha Leinonen

    The author holds a master’s degree in theology and studies aesthetics. He is interested in internet governance, digital gaming culture and increasing young people’s participation opportunities. Online, he can often be found expressing his views on Facebook or watching gaming videos on YouTube.

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