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  • Juha Kiviniemi

    Juha works as a planning officer at Verke. His areas of responsibility include maker activities and international cooperation. Outside work, he relaxes by working with leather or watching YouTube in an effort to assimilate all useful information on the internet.

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  • Antti Korhonen

    Antti Korhonen

    Antti works as an international youth work coordinator at the Youth Centre Network (#suomennuorisokeskukset). He is a wannabe socio-educational instructor from the Savo region and has a passion for non-formal learning; its recognition and identification. The most recent additions to his portfolio of badges include ‘Vastuullinen tubettaja’ (responsible YouTuber), ‘KV-katalyytti’ (international catalyst), ‘Reflective digi-learner’ and ‘Extraordinary agent of online youth work,’ which he earned while participating in international projects.

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  • Anniina Korpi

    Anniina Korpi

    I am an online youth worker at the City of Pori. Social media, Netari, gaming, media education and other geeky stuff are all part of my work. I maintain two youth pages for Karhuseutu: and (Finnish)

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  • Hanna Koskenkangas

    Hanna Koskenkangas

    Hanna Koskenkangas is a political scientist focusing on young people’s participation. She works as a corporate collaboration expert and team lead at the Children and Youth Foundation.

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  • Lauri Kuusela

    Lauri Kuusela

    I work as a youth worker at the City of Turku youth services’ Turku Game Academy. My tasks include the development and delivery of youth work e-sports activities for young people in the Turku region. I also play e-sports in my spare time and I love fast-paced FPS games, such as Overwatch and Apex Legends.​

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