Woan smiling and lookin something in a cafe table.
  • Mikko Holm

    Mikko Holm

    The author holds a master’s degree and works as an online youth worker in the youth department at the City of Lappeenranta. He is interested in visual arts and crafts, cities, people and digital culture. Mikko likes footprints and docks and, as a resident of Lappeenranta, believes in his heart of hearts that a genuine rieska (a type of Finnish bread) should be plump.

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  • Laura Huhta

    Laura Huhta

    Laura is a youth worker at the Myllyoja youth centre in Oulu. This TikTok veteran also teaches dance.
    TikTok: Mylenuokkari

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  • Mika Joensuu

    Mika Joensuu

    Mika serves as the head of youth services at the City of Hyvinkää. He has been involved with developing online youth work both nationally and locally since 2005. Mika has also been awarded for his work in game activities in the field of youth work with the Finnish Golden Dragon Award and the international Warhammer Heroes Award.

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  • Miro Jukka

    Miro Jukka

    The author has nearly completed his bachelor’s degree in social services and is an active social media user, cosplayer, e-athlete and LGBT+ activist.

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