Verke’s publications

Verke regularly publishes guides, research, article collections and other publications related to digital youth work and youth online culture. While most are in Finnish (available here), we also publish some materials in English. You see our most recent publications below.

All publications are downloadable below. Some publications can also be ordered for free in printed form. To order a copy for yourself or your organisation, please fill out the form below. Please note that we will only mail out a maximum of 5 printed copies per book. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to non-EU addresses due to custom regulations. For non-EU readers we recommend the electronic versions.

You can also find more compact downloadable materials like seminar reports, good practices etc. in English under the link materials.

Innobox (max 2 boxes / order)

Innobox is a toolkit that helps youth workers innovate new practices in a longer process. The purpose of Innobox is to provide support and assistance when it becomes necessary to develop operations and create something new.

The tasks in the box will enable you to develop new operating methods, procedures or services for youth work. As this is a Verke box, the ideas primarily focus on digitality or related matters. The Innobox can be used alone, in a group or even with the entire working community. The most important thing is the desire to do youth work better.

The purpose of the Innobox is to help you analyse and identify the challenge that you want to address. The challenge will be examined from several perspectives, and, as the process moves forward, it may even change. However, the outcome is a finished concept.

PDF: Innobox
Publisher: Verke
Year published: 2020

Digitalisation and youth work

How is digitalisation changing our society? What are the key technological developments or ‘megatrends’ that we should all be aware of? How will these developments affect young people and their future?

The book aims to highlight the technological, social and cultural impact of digitalisation in the context of youth, and to map and address the opportunities and risks associated with technological development. It also highlights the concepts of digital and smart youth work, and how they can help in meeting the opportunities and overcoming the current and future challenges faced by youth work. The publication is a collection of articles from 23 contributors from Estonia and Finland.

PDF: Digitalisation and youth work
Publisher: Verke & EYWC
Editors: Heikki Lauha & Kati Nõlvak
ISBN 978-951-9245-52-2 (print)
ISBN 978-951-9245-53-9 (electronic)
ISBN 978-9985-9894-9-4 (print)
ISBN 978-9949-7332-0-0 (electronic)
Year published: 2019

Maker activities in youth work

What is the significance of the maker movement for youth work? What do maker culture and youth work have in common? What is the added value of maker activities for established youth work practice? How does one get started?

The articles in this publication seek to explore the possibilities of maker activities in youth work from the viewpoints of digitalisation of society, maker culture as well as practical youth work activities. It is intended for anyone interested in digital youth work and maker activities. We hope that it will aid readers in understanding the phenomena behind practical maker activities while giving new viewpoints and tips for youth work practice. Most of all we aim to inspire readers to explore the possibilities of maker activities in daily youth work.

PDF: Maker activities in youth work
Publisher: Verke
Editor: Juha Kiviniemi
ISBN: 978-951-9245-47-8 (Print)
ISBN: 978-951-9245-48-5 (pdf)
Pages: 120
Year published: 2019

”Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective” (printed edition no longer available)

“Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective” is a collection of articles from 32 contributors from the vanguard of digital youth work in the Finnish youth work field. The examples provide insight on both the how and the why of digital youth work by showing glimpses of both the practical activities as well as organisational support and development strategies. This book is for everyone interested in youth work, and the effects technologisation has on it. While the examples contained within are by no means a comprehensive list of all possible digital youth work activities, they can provide an understanding of the versatility of digital youth work and act as an inspiration when enhancing your own digital approaches in youth work.

PDF: Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective
e-reader: epub and Kindle
Editors: Juha Kiviniemi & Suvi Tuominen
Pages: 172
ISBN: 978-951-9245-40-9 (print), 978-951-9245-41-6 (electronic)
Year published: 2017