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Verke is the national Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work in Finland. Verke’s vision is to provide everyone who works with young people with the opportunity to use digital media and technology as part of their work. Verke aims to promote welfare, inclusion and equality among young people by means of digital youth work.

To put it simply, digital youth work means using digital media and technology for youth work. In the context of youth work, digitality should be understood not only as a media but also a content and operating environment.

The long-term goals of Verke’s operations:

  • Knowledge of ways of using digital media and technology will increase and expand in the field of youth work
  • The structures of youth work will support the use of digital media and technology in youth work
  • Innovative services and concepts will be created in the field of youth work, using digital media and technology.

Verke’s key forms of work:

  • Training and consultancy
  • Production and dissemination of information
  • Development of digital youth work together with actors in the field

The direct target audience of Verke’s operations are actors in the field of youth work, particularly in municipalities, organisations and parishes.

Verke is one of the national centres of expertise established by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Verke is fully funded by the ministry. The current funding period for the Centres is 2018-2019. Verke’s goals and operations are agreed in yearly discussions between Verke and the ministry. Verke’s operations are managed by City of Helsinki Youth Division.

12 Youth work centres of expertise form a network supporting the implementation of the objectives set out in the National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme 2017-2019. The centres are organised under the following priority areas:

  1. Participation of young people
  2. Social empowerment of young people
  3. Digital youth work and information and counselling services for young people
  4. Improvement of the quality and methods of youth work

Verke’s annual goals are tied to its long-term goals.

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