Material 03.10.2019

Digital youth work practice reflection tool

This form is meant to be a tool to reflect on new practices, approaches or latest information on digital youth work topics. It is intended as a tool to reflect on the subject from the viewpoint of your work, so freely write down any thoughts as narrowly or in-depth as you see necessary. This form can be used in events, training courses or any other suitable setting where new practices are presented. You are also free to modify it to suit your use case, according to the guidelines of the license below.

We have based the structure of this tool based on data from the Screenagers research report (2016) and the final report “Developing digital youth work” of the EU expert group on digitalisation and youth. It has been further revised and rebuilt during the Digital youth work project in 2019.

Digital youth work practice reflection tool

These training materials have been developed as part of the ‘Digital Youth Work’ project, a strategic partnership between 7 organisations across Europe, to build the capacity of the youth work sector to deliver high quality youth work in a digital age.

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