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Juha työskentelee Verkessä suunnittelijana. Hänen vastuualueinaan ovat erityisesti Maker -toiminta ja kansainväliset yhteistyökuviot. Töiden ulkopuolella hän rentoutuu työskentelemällä nahan parissa tai roikkuu YouTubessa yrittäen omaksua kaiken Internetin tiedon.

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Digital youth work sessions: Session 1

In session 1 of “Digital youth work sessions” we are joined by Michele Di Paola from Dig-it UP!

Michele Di Paola is one of the bright minds behind the ongoing and very successful training course Dig-it UP! In addition to the TCA-funded training, we also talk about the current developments in the digital youth work field, how we both ended up where we are as well as the change in attitudes that can be clearly seen across the board.

Where did the idea for the TC originate? How does the multi-national team of trainers organise their work? What is Michele’s most spectacular failure?

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Digital youth work sessions is a podcast, where we host 1-on-1 discussions on digital media and technology, and how they relate to youth work practice. The guests are digital youth work practitioners and many are experts in their respective field.

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Do you want to propose a topic or suggest a guest? Send an e-mail to juha.kiviniemi(a) with your proposal or offer to join. Feedback is also welcome!

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