ActionTrack as a part of participatory budget data collection

Tuija Ronkainen / 21.03.2018
The City of Helsinki youth services performs participatory budget planning for young people called RuutiBudjetti as a part of the city’s youth work. Its purpose is to include young people in making decisions about the activities and services in their residential area. Ideas are collected from young people in various phases of the process so that as many young people as possible can participate in developing recreational and youth work services as well as the community in general. This year we used ActionTrack, a mobile app that enables the building of custom activities for users, for the first time to collect data for the participatory budget of the Vuosaari area. Read more

Digital youth work sessions: session 3

Juha Kiviniemi / 26.02.2018
In episode 3 of Digital youth work sessions, we chat with Dick Smit, an experienced youth worker, trainer and a consultant from the Netherlands. Read more

Digital youth work in the Åland archipelago

Emelie Hanström / 21.02.2018
I’m working in a place where digital tools really have the potential of making youth work easier, but there is a long way until we can fully utilise it. The Åland archipelago consists of six municipalities, and they each consist of one main island with some smaller ones. Read more

Digital youth work sessions: Session 2

Juha Kiviniemi / 09.02.2018
In session 2 of “Digital youth work sessions” we are joined by Evaldas Rupkus from the EUth project. Read more

Digital youth work sessions: Session 1

Juha Kiviniemi / 01.02.2018
In session 1 of “Digital youth work sessions” we are joined by Michele Di Paola from Dig-it UP! Read more

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