Digitalization in Teaching Youth Work

Susan Eriksson / 25.03.2020
Digitalization is a vast cultural and societal change that has affected most spheres of lives of young people. In Finland solely, most of the young have access to digital environments by using their own digital devices. Using internet and digital applications has changed profoundly their daily life practices, communication and free time activities. Read more

How to unite young people around the current societal issues and activate their agency?

Aleksandra Mangus / 11.03.2020
In this blog I talk about the Global Media and Information Literacy Youth Online Hackathon – the event I co-organised with UNESCO in late 2018. I present the outcomes of the event as well as the results of my master thesis based on the GlobalMILHack, and I give advice for youth workers and educators on how to adopt the practice. Read more

Media literacy week calls for re-examining our views as educators

Juha Kiviniemi / 12.02.2020
Safer internet day, which is in Finland celebrated as “Media literacy week”, once again puts young peoples media skills onto the spotlight and challenges educators to examine our competencies in supporting those skills. It is also wise for us to stop and consider how we generally see those skills. One thing should be clear to everyone at least reasonably knowledgeable in the recent developments of digitalisation and young peoples media use. The environments and platforms where young people interact with digital media are so varied that the field is much more complicated than before, even if the core of media skills is unchanged.  Read more

Estonia and Finland promoting digitalization in youth work

verkeorg / 19.02.2019
Digitalization changes society profoundly. Technological development can make a positive contribution to society and human wellbeing, but concern is also growing about how it is affecting issues such as jobs, inequality, health, environment and security. Read more

The evolution of Finnish maker culture

Heikki Pullo / 30.01.2019
The DIY culture of the 21st century, known as maker culture, is based on sharing knowledge and ideas, applying technology in open-minded ways and working together. Read more

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