Estonia and Finland promoting digitalization in youth work

verkeorg / 19.02.2019
Digitalization changes society profoundly. Technological development can make a positive contribution to society and human wellbeing, but concern is also growing about how it is affecting issues such as jobs, inequality, health, environment and security. Read more

The evolution of Finnish maker culture

Heikki Pullo / 30.01.2019
The DIY culture of the 21st century, known as maker culture, is based on sharing knowledge and ideas, applying technology in open-minded ways and working together. Read more

Micro:bit – so small, yet so powerful

Maja Katinić Vidović / 16.01.2019
If you are just starting off your digital adventure as part of your youth work, BBC micro:bit is one of the most useful little tools to begin with. With the aim of upgrading computer education in UK schools, BBC launched a campaign in 2015 to provide one million micro:bit devices to pupils. What they didn’t expect was that micro:bit would soon become popular on a global scale. To briefly explain the devise in not-so-technical terms: it’s a programmable platform with which you can play and create even if you have never written a line of code in your life. That is what makes it perfect for both youngsters and youth workers. Read more

Digital Youth Work Sessions: Session 5

Juha Kiviniemi / 29.10.2018
In this session, we talk with Jane Melvin about her research on the impact of digitalisation on youth work, how to convince hesitant youth workers, how to train digital topics to youth workers and professional ethics in digital environments. Tune in! Read more

Digital Youth Work Sessions: Session 4

Juha Kiviniemi / 28.04.2018
In this session, we talk with Nerijus Kriauciunas about digital badges, recognising learning and recent developments in the field of digital youth work. Tune in! Read more

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